Zoom teeth whitening is the fastest way to get to a new white smile!
Millions of people world wide are having their teeth whitened and ZOOM! offers a fast and reliable way to a new smile.

Our smiles are the first thing people notice about us when meeting us for the first time. A bad looking smile can easily harm your self confidence and the way you interact with other people.

Many people today are looking to Cosmetic Dentistry to help them turn back the clock.

Teeth whitening is the most conservative and least invasive cosmetic procedure to help turning those pearly whites into a whiter and brighter smile.
ZOOM Teeth Whitening is the in-office whitening procedure that can give you a new white smile in the shortest possible time.

How does it work?
Your dentist will first evaluate your smile to see if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening and then book you for a 90 minute ZOOM IN-Office teeth whitening session.
The whitening gel is applied to your teeth and the SPECIAL ZOOM LIGHT activates the gel to start the whitening process.

After 3X 15 minutes sessions your teeth will whiten to an average of 8-10 shades!

The problem with most Home Whitening systems is that it takes +- 7 – 21 days to get to a great result and most people don’t complete the time. ZOOM! offers a white smile in just 45 minutes!

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To see how Dr Bill Dorfman of ABC’s Extreme Makeover uses ZOOM! See video below: