Our Consultations

What Makes Myteeth Unique?

We simply place a high emphesis and value on cosmetic and esthetic procedures. Everything we do are viewed through this 'cosmetic lense' and tooth colour, shape and form enjoy top priority. We offer you an interactive experience that is extended to you via our website and our 'digital...
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Do you offer different kinds of consultations?

Yes, we offer a few options, but the routine 6 monthly dental exam or cavity check is still the most popular. (below prices are for *2018/2019) 1. Complimentary smile consultation (30 minutes)This is a free consultation where we just chat and provide you with options and general...
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Is Your Smile Consultations Really Free Of Charge?

Yes. We have found that most people want to improve their smile one way or the other, but do not know if it is at all possible or not. This type of informal question and answer session is important to help you make up your mind and also to come and meet us and see for yourself.We are so passionate...
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