Do you offer different kinds of consultations?

Yes, we offer a few options, but the routine 6 monthly dental exam or cavity check is still the most popular. (below prices are for *2023)

1. Complimentary smile consultation (30 minutes)
This is a free consultation where we just chat and provide you with options and general estimates regarding a specific cosmetic problem. If you just want to get some answers to your questions we are here to help. This is almost like a question-and-answer session and will also give you the opportunity to come and meet us in a very informal setting. If you want more than this, we can move to one of the other options if time allows as more information will be needed like x-rays and photos. 

2. Routine cavity check-up (+- *R600 – R800) – 30 minutes
This is the traditional dental cavity check where we take the routine x-rays to screen for early onset tooth decay, provide education on prevention and offer solutions to your problems.
Sometimes we also need to take a 360 degree Panoramic x ray that shows the whole jaw(upper and lower) to help us to identify bigger underlying problems such as tooth abscesses,
infection in the jaw, wisdom teeth problems or implant planning to name a few.

3. Full cosmetic smile consultation (+-*R1500) – 45 minutes
This is an in-depth consultation that includes all the above plus to look at how we can correct any cosmetic or complex functional problem. Problems include closing gaps between teeth, tooth wear problems, dental implant planning, porcelain veneers, crownscomposite bonding options and make overs.
To help us we take records such as x-rays, detailed photo session that consists of 15 specific photographs, videography, dental impressions to cast study models and then after-hour discussions with our team of dentists, specialists and dental technician. This will enable us to design a provisional setup from 2D to 3D.(Digital Smile Design)

4. Clear Braces Consultation (*R300)
This often falls under number (3) above, but can also be a stand-alone consultation. 
To learn more see the clear braces consultation.

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