Resin Veneers Cape Town

The indications and contraindications for Resin Veneers are exactly the same as for Porcelain Veneers with only the material that differs. Resin is a lot different than porcelain, but with newer and better resins being developed every year, the gap is closing fast. The big advantage of Resin Veneers over Porcelain Veneers is that it can be done directly in the mouth and is not indirectly made like porcelain. This gives the dentist the advantage of making changes to the final product much more easily and is almost always a 1 visit procedure. The downside of direct resin is that it is extremely technique sensitive and highly dependant on the artistic skills of the cosmetic dentist doing the procedure.


A good analogy between porcelain and resin veneers is flooring in the building industry. Flooring can be done with both cement(screed) material or tiling(porcelain). Cement floors are less durable, but can easily be repaired by adding to it, while tiles must be replaced completely if any chipping takes place. Likewise, although resin is not as durable as porcelain, it is easy to do repairs or alterations comparing to porcelain.



  • Direct Resin Veneers
    After the necessary consultation visit and planning the patient is informed about the correct sequence to a new and beautiful smileWhen the existing colour of surrounding teeth is corrected and all teeth whitening and cleaning procedures are finished, the patient is now ready for the direct resin veneer appointment.


  • The Procedure:
    The teeth are minimally prepared or left as is and the resin or composite is applied to the teeth for sculpting and build up. The correct colour resin is then 'plastered' over the whole front of the tooth and then sculpted to represent the new look! The tooth consists of different colours and all these tints and colours are mixed into the resin to mimic a natural tooth. This process represents the real artistic part of reconstructing a tooth. The final shape and microanatomy give the veneer a real-life-like appearance.
    !NEW! Resin Injection Mould is the latest technique to make the whole process more predictable. Getting the shape just perfect and symmetrical requires a very high skill and artistic level. With RiT(Resin Injection Technique) you can now design your new smile and copy it exactly to your mouth.


  • Adjustments:
    Final polishing and further shaping add the last finishing touches.


  • Night Guard:
    All resin veneers will also need a protective gum or night guard that the patient must wear at night time to protect the veneer against the forces of grinding and clenching.



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