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ZOOM Teeth Whitening Cape Town
If you just can't wait to get that ultimate white smile and you have to have your new smile yesterday - ZOOM! WHITENING can make your teeth up to 10 shades lighter in under an hour. ZOOM! Whitening is the whitening method used by Dr Bill Dorfman (America's dentist to the stars) as seen on Extreme Makeover.



Whatever you have heard, read or seen, this is the future of teeth whitening. People want
results and they want it now. ZOOM Teeth Whitening Cape Town offers exactly that. Maybe you
are getting married next weekend, or maybe you just like to get results faster. If you are looking
for “teeth whitening near me” or “cost of teeth whitening” or just want to find out
“price of teeth whitening” in Cape Town or generally in South Africa, we are here to help!

Whatever your reason, ZOOM! Teeth WHITENING will get you the whitest,
brightest teeth in the shortest period of time possible.


A special light is positioned over the whitening gel which then activates the gel's
active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) and breaks it down to oxygen. The oxygen
enters the enamel and dentine, bleaching any coloured substances while the
structure of the teeth is unchanged. 


See Video below:




After an initial whitening consultation your dentist will schedule you for a
90-minute ZoomTeeth whitening appointment.


The Appointment:
The procedure begins with covering your lips, mouth and gums leaving only your
teeth exposed. The ZOOM! whitening gel is applied to the areas that need whitening
and the  ZOOM! LIGHT is then placed over your teeth to start the whitening treatment.


The light and gel work together to gently penetrate your teeth, breaking up stains
and discolouration. 
After only 45 minutes (3 X 15 minute sessions) a new
white smile awaits you
Over the next 48 hours the whitening process
will reach its whitest level.




Home Care for Zoom Teeth whitening Cape Town:
Zoom! whitening also comes with an additional home tray whitening system already included in the price. Those with particularly stubborn staining may be asked to continue with a special home-use whitening system. You will receive your customized whitening trays and a
complete kit with detailed instructions to finish off your treatment in the comfort of
your own home.  


Although you might be totally happy with your results, a touch-up now and again
might become necessary and unlike other whitening products we want to make
sure you get and keep your new white smile for as long as possible. This home care 
represents our 'Customized option' and helps to continue the whitening
process in the comfort of your home. 


As you can see we have left nothing untouched. With ZOOM! Whitening getting
the white teeth you've always wanted in the shortest possible time and keeping
them as white, is now as easy as you can say 'ZOOM!'



How Does ZOOM Teeth whitening Compare to Other Teeth
Whitening Products?




As Seen on Extreme Makeover and Oprah! 


Watch this video below of Dr Bill Dorfman using ZOOM! in Extreme Makeover.




To answer all your questions on Teeth whitening, please see our FAQ here.



For unbeatable value, please see our latest 2023 Package below:

























































Free Whitening Consultation R350
 Zoom  Whitening Session (as seen on tv)R6570
Customized Whitening Trays3300
FREE Enrolment in our Whitening for life program!Priceless

TOTAL OF R6570 (R10220 value)





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