I Have Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath can really change your life dramatically. This is for sure a romance stopper and many times the person is unaware of having this. It is sometimes also a simptom of underlying disease and should be diagnosed early and treated. If you suspect bad breath, don't hesitate any longer to contact us today as we would love to help you. Having a beautiful smile does not help much if you cannot show it of.






First we will look at the 9 different treatment options  we use in Cosmetic Dentistry, and decide when and what options to apply. Our main goal is to be conservative and minimally invasive. A good teeth cleaning  is essential to eliminate the basic and most common cause of bad breath that usually originates in the mouth. This is the starting point for eliminating most mouth odours.


Treatment options for bad breath or halitosis:



People with bad breath are often very self-conscious and avoid close up conversations. This can lead to a very low self esteem. Often the person with bad breath is unaware of his/her condition. In a recent study Americans mentioned bad breath as one of the top 3 things that is a definite romance stopper.


A proper exam is necessary to determine the course and to treat accordingly. 90% of bad breath originates in the mouth and a good dental clean and cavity check is the starting point. Gum disease is a big cause for having bad breath and eliminating all possible gum infection is a priority. People with bad breath usually do not floss and a good home cleaning protocol is important. Products that are specifically aimed at eliminating the cause of bad breath are a must to include in your home prevention program.
We have put together a 'Fresh Breath Programme' that is all you need to finally help you getting rid of your bad breath. Get your life back and smile and talk again with confidence!




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