Clear Braces Consultation

How To Qualify
Not all people will qualify for this amazing option as this type of treatment do have limitations. If too much space is required to align the teeth, this will not work for you. The aim when doing esthetic or cosmetic dentistry is to create a beautiful and harmonieus smile by making use of a sequence of possible treatments.

Minimal to no  tooth reduction is a priority to ensure the long term health of your teeth. This often means wearing clear braces to align the teeth up to ensure the least amount of reduction. Without this initual alignment, too much tooth structure is reduced and this impacts on the lifespan of the teeth. To see if you qualify you need to come and see us for a Smile Consultation.


What Will Happen During This Consultation?



  • A Brief dental history will be taken to find out what happened previously

  • Your main complaint will be discussed

  • A clinical check of the teeth is necessary and to work out how much space is needed.

  • Dental impressions and xrays will be taken 

  • Lots of photograps will be taken to record your unique profile

  • Alternative options will be discussed

    After this consultation a final estimate will be send to you via email.



Treatment Options:
Our current clear braces options include Clear Aligners  and The Inman AlignerBoth options will be discussed and depending on time of treatment or complexity, we will find the right option for you.