Cerec Crowns

With cerec technology creating a full metal-free porcelain crown is now possible in a single appointment. Conventional methods made use of time consuming porcelain build up techniques and require several bakes in a special furnace. The cerec method uses CAD CAM technology that cuts the design out of a prefabricated porcelain block.
Cerec crowns do not give the traditional dark gumline appearance that so many people have with old metal-porcelain crowns.
Tooth preparation
With cerec crowns the tooth preperation design can now also be very conservative saving as much tooth structure as possible and thus following the biomimetric principles to preserve maximum healthy tooth. This is due to the ability to make use of chemical bonding to tooth structure and thus do not heavily rely on mechanical retention. A tooth that is completely broken off with a flat surface will therefor not require unnessarily removal of healthy tooth structure to create mechanical retention. A simple bond to this flat surface on enamel will provide super strong retention!
Cerec crowns are made of full porcelain and therefor highly esthetic. The porcelain let light come through and makes this comparable to the translucency of natural tooth enamel. All cerec restorations can also be characterized for optimum colour as on-site tints and glazes can be added to produce a truly customized result. The colour is incorporated in the porcelain by using a special on-site high tech furnace.


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