Do you have any payment plans

We know that dentistry is not the most inexpensive cost in your life, but it is a necessity. 
We have found that putting off that dental appointment has let to some disastrous dental experiences
that could have been avoided with minimal treatment.  We will always provide you with different treatment options,
but will aim for the ideal treatment.  That means we are neither cheap nor expensive.

We provide the following Payment options:


credit card (straight or budget)
debit card
electronic payment (EFT)  
Third Party Finance (First Health Finance )

We have found that the most economical way to get a loan is to give yourself a loan and use the 'budget' option on your credit card.
Most people don't even know about this option, but this alone is enough reason to get a credit card if you are responsible with your finances.
This works out to be under *2% interest per month.  (most banks/*) 


This means that if you want R10 000 and put this on your budget account it will cost you less than:
   +- R3467  over 3 months    /   R1785 over 6 months  /  R945 over 12 months


For more info why we think you should be choosing us, see below: