My Wife Says I Snore At Night

Are you tired or embarrassed by your snoring? Are you the one responsible for keeping your spouse or friends from having a good night's sleep? Many spouses are forced to sleep in separate bedrooms and the whole family is usually affected in one way or the other. Marriages often suffer & sometimes even end up in divorce as a direct or indirect result of someone's snoring. Snoring can also have serious health implications for you the snorer.


As snoring is not a direct tooth related problem, our approuch to snoring is more from a technical and preventative point. As dentists we have a good understanding of the mouth and jaw joints and thus are in an ideal position to provide treatment.
Treatment options to prevent snoring:



The important thing is to first diagnose the type of snoring to see how serious this is and then to offer our SSA treatment. The SSA is a unique appliance that consists of 2X biteplates that are joined together and when placed in the mouth it positions the lower jaw forward and thus open the airway of the patient. When the airway is open, snoring cannot take place. Not everyone will qualify as enough teeth must be present to provide retention to keep the bite plates in position. 



Snoring Cape Town



To learn more about how to stop snoring and our unique SSA treatment, please visit our Stop Snoring section.







Snoring Cape Town