Cerec Make Overs

Fancy an instant change or makeover? With porcelain veneers or crowns we can literally transform your smile to change the colour, size and shapeto correct misaligned or skew teeth. With cerec this is now possible in literally just 1 visit! Careful planning is necessary upfront and once you are happy with the final smiledesign all it takes is 1 visit to prepare, design and fit your new porcelain restorations. 


Mini Smile Make over
Most smiles only need the front 4 or 6 teeth to be corrected and better the shape, length and colour. These changes can now easily be done in ONE VISIT if we use cerec technology. With the help of smile design, we pre-plan your new smile and determine exactely where the new teeth must go and also the size, shape and colour. We let you try your new smile in (prototype) and can make further changes until we are totally satisfied before the final result is copied with CEREC in the final porcelain work.

As we age our teeth constantly wear away and thus creating a worn down look of teeth that are generally too short. Most smiles need a bit of lengthening to turn back the clock and by adding a little length to a smile and changing the colour, a new younger look emerge!


Night Guard
All makeovers will need a bite plate or night guard to prevent further wear. Common sense tells us that if a night guard was worn for the past few years, you would never have been in this 'worned' situation. To protect and prevent against further future wear and chipping, wearing a night guard is priceless!



To learn more about Dental Make overs, please see Smile Make overs.