CEREC Services

The 1 Visit Cerec Method

The new CEREC 3D SYSTEM can manufacture porcelain white fillings(Inlays/Onlays/Overlays), porcelain veneers, full ceramic crowns and metal-free bridges in just ONE visit! Let’s talk about concealing once and for all your “dental history” with WHITE...
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Cerec Fillings (Inlays/Onlays)

When a dental filling replaces more than 50% of the tooth structure, the strength of the material of the dental filling becomes very important. Porcelain is then the material of choice to ensure longterm strength and structural stability. Unlike other traditional restorations cerec...
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Cerec Veneers

Cerec veneers make it possible to now design, produce and fit these delicate restorations in one visit. With the incorporation of smile design, the CEREC method becomes an essential link in the digital work flow to produce any design element exactely as the prototype and planned...
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Cerec Crowns

With cerec technology creating a full metal-free porcelain crown is now possible in a single appointment. Conventional methods made use of time consuming porcelain build up techniques and require several bakes in a special furnace. The cerec method uses CAD CAM technology that cuts...
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Cerec Bridge

Although dental implants are ussually the ideal choice to replace a missing tooth, dental bridges provide a good alternative. With cerec we can now also mill these metal-free restorations to provide the full spectrum of treatment options. Unlike conventional bridges that are...
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Cerec Make Overs

Fancy an instant change or makeover? With porcelain veneers or crowns we can literally transform your smile to change the colour, size and shape to correct misaligned or skew teeth. With cerec this is now possible in literally just 1 visit! Careful planning is necessary upfront and once...
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