Porcelain Veneers Cape Town

When patients hear the term "porcelain veneers" the thought of a "fast & beautiful Hollywood smile" jumps to their minds.  Porcelain Veneers require minimal tooth reduction and are therefore more conservative than Crowns.  It's not the only alternative for aesthetic abnormalities, but it's truly a remarkable restoration when it's the treatment of choice. With Porcelain Veneers our aim is always to remove as little tooth structure as possible and show the necessary respect to the teeth and tissues.       





    Dental Veneers are thin superficial coverings for teeth.  They are usually made from porcelain or resin and are usually applied to the front teeth.  Huge cosmetic improvements can be made with veneers to rectify thecolour, size and shape of teeth.


    The teeth must be reasonable healthy, but with an aesthetic problem regarding colour or shape.  We don't want to sacrifice a healthy tooth structure in the name of cosmetics. A good balance of minimal tooth preparation and great esthetics are our main objective.

    porcelain veneers cape town


    PORCELAIN Veneers are NOT indicated in the following cases:



    • When teeth are already overfilled with existing fillings. Crowning would be the more obvious choice, because more preparation will be necessary to include these previous fillings.

    • Teeth that are heavily stained need more reduction to mask the stain and Porcelain Veneers might be a too conservative approach.

    • Teeth that are too skew are best treated with orthodontics first as it will need too much reduction.

    • The grinding patient needs to be well evaluated and educated. Teeth grinding puts excessive forces on the edges of veneers and these teeth might rather need crowning.
      Porcelain veneers is a NON-REVERSABLE procedure and if the patient is in doubt, rather seek other options. 





    Normally, 2 - 3 appointments are needed, but with CEREC dentistry only 1 visit is REQUIRED!

    First Appointment:
    After an initial consultation and treatment plan, the preparation takes place.  Porcelain Veneers do not always necessitate the use of a local anesthetic, although it is advisable to particular sensitive patients.  A minimum of 0.3mm reduction is necessary to meet the thickness requirements of the porcelain.  A temporary Porcelain Veneer will be made if the patient needs one (Please note that the laboratory time needed to fabricate the Veneer is approximately 1 week)
    Second Appointment:
    During this appointment, the Porcelain Veneer gets cemented on the tooth, applying a light-sensitive resin, using a white light.  Once placed, the Dental Veneer is very strong, but make sure to adhere to the home care instructions to help you looking after your Porcelain Veneer the best you can.

    Daily brushing and flossing are essential.  The use of a soft toothbrush is the best way to remove the plaque around the neck areas of the teeth. 
    Some sensitivity to cold or hot beverages may be experienced after placement.  This will normally subside within 1-2 weeks.  If unsure, please contact your dentist. Use common sense and avoid biting on hard things e.g. ice cubes - the biting edges are delicate!If you are a bruxer or clencher, inform your dentist to have a biteplate made for you to prevent causing chips and cracks on your teeth / veneers.


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porcelain veneers cape town


porcelain veneers cape town


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