Composite Bonding, What Is It?

If you have strong, healthy teeth, but are unhappy with the shape, size or colour, you may want to consider bonding. During this quick process (usually less than an hour), a mild composite resin is applied to the tooth. It is then sculpted to match the surrounding teeth and hardened using an ultra-violet light creating an undetectable restoration.


Change Your Teeth's Size, Shape & Colour in Just 1 Appointment

Composite composes of a natural-looking resin, is long-lasting and very affordable comparing to other tooth-coloured materials. Since very little or no tooth structure is reduced, these procedures are very conservative and pretty much reversible. Working with composite to produce an undetectable restoration requires extra skill and time. To copy a natural-looking restoration often requires single to multi-layer techniques.

Composite is very easy to work with and is known for its bonding and sculpting abilities. In bonding and sculpting, we can literally change your teeth's size, shape and colour in just ONE appointment!


Composite Bonding is the big dental secret that not many people know of. We can literally repair any chip or defect with this magic material!