Dental Sealants

What Are Dental (Fissure) Sealants?
About 90% of tooth decay starts in the fissures (grooves on the tooth surface). The problem with these fissures or grooves is that they are often very narrow and deep and brushing them is not nearly effective in removing all the plaque in these crevices. The plaque lies happily in these deep recesses carrying on with its decay process. The fissure soon starts to appear dark and eventually a small cavity will form. Dental sealant act as a 'glue' that seals the fissure areas to avoid plaque from entering these crevices.


Dental Sealant Indications:
One would place a sealant as soon as possible after the eruption of the back teeth. Mainly children's teeth are indicated, but any tooth with deep crevices on the biting surface where plaque can hide from your toothbrush is indicated. Medium to high caries risk patients almost always have to have their teeth sealed to eliminate all the hiding places for the bacteria.


Do not underestimate the effectiveness of this preventative treatment! 


Insist on having all your children's back teeth being sealed.


Dental Sealant Procedure:
The procedure is painless and no local anesthetic is needed. The tooth is polished with water and pumice and an acid etch is placed. The acid is washed off and the sealant that looks like white glue, gets put into these crevices to close them up. A smooth surface is left that prevents any plaque from entering the tooth.  


Will Dental Sealants Really Benefit Me?
Fissure Sealants are 100% effective in preventing tooth decay!  The sealant will protect the tooth from bacteria and cavities for as long as the sealant is intact. Sealants are easy to apply and: 



  • No injections are needed

  • Fast and simple

  • 100% effective in preventing tooth decay


Unsurprised Benefits to You:



  • No more cavities

  • No more tooth ache

  • Avoid expensive fillings & dental crowns

  • No root canal treatments

  • Big cost saver in long term

  • Dental sealants can help you keep your teeth a LIFE TIME


Watch a Video to Show You How It Works:
Dental sealants are probably the most effective direct way of preventing tooth decay! Watch below how it is done and make your booking today!