Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding, What Is It?

If you have strong, healthy teeth, but are unhappy with the shape, size or colour, you may want to consider bonding. During this quick process (usually less than an hour), a mild composite resin is applied to the tooth. It is then sculpted to match the surrounding teeth and hardened using...
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Many times we can simply remove or polish some enamel (enamel plasty) away if teeth are too wide, too long or simply uneven.  Care is taken to stay within the 'safe' parameters and to still leave enough enamel intact. This can easily provide sufficient correction to change the smile...
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Composite Fillings

Say goodbye to your old ugly metal (amalgam) fillings!The days of metal (amalgam) fillings are long gone. Although they still exist, we have so many more cosmetically pleasing options of which composite fillings are one. The 2 most popular white materials are...
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Closing Gaps with Composite

Another useful application is the closure of gaps (diastemas) between front teeth with composite. Most of the time NO local anesthetic is needed and existing enamel is left untouched. Many patients have gaps between their front teeth and are unaware of just how easy it is...
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Composite Repairs

Due to the amazing properties of composite, composite bonding can be used to repair almost any chip, crack or defect on teeth or existing dental work! This makes composite closer to the ideal material than any other as it becomes very economical and changeable should the need arise to...
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Composite Veneers

When Composite Bonding is used to cover the whole front surface of a tooth to create a better colour or shape, the term composite or resin veneer is used. Resin veneers are amazing in creating an easy makeover and can look very similar to porcelain veneers. Resin veneers can be done in one...
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