Composite Veneers

When Composite Bonding is used to cover the whole front surface of a tooth to create a better colour or shape, the term composite or resin veneer is used. Resin veneers are amazing in creating an easy makeover and can look very similar to porcelain veneers. Resin veneers can be done in one visit, but proper planning is needed to determine the new shape and colour and how it will blend with the other adjacent teeth.


Multiple Colours And Shades
To copy the adjacent teeth colour exactely more than one shade is often necessary to create a natural look. Teeth colour is very seldom monotone (one colour), but have a definite multicolour appearance that make copying teeth more complex. Underlying dentine is usually more apaque and yellow with the more translucent enamel overlaying it.


A closer look will also reveal the more translucent(blue-ish) tip and halo on the edge to make for a more natural look. Bringing all these colours and shades into the composite will be the difference between an amateur result versus a natural real life superior match. To learn more about the different colours and multi layering techniques, please visit our blog for more detail.


To learn more about Resin Veneers, please see Resin Veneers.