Custom Tray Teeth Whitening (Do it yourself)

R999 only!
No dentist needed!

This is option A (custom trays), but with a twist. For many people teeth whitening does not fit in their financial budget and professional custom trays are often out of their reach. Supermarket products are their only alternative option, but unfortunately, provide unsatisfactory results.



The Problem:

The success of teeth whitening is a good fitted tray(custom tray) that keeps the whitening gel in close contact with the teeth for the critical time needed to cause whitening. Supermarket products only provide standard 'one-size-fits-all' whitening trays or at best 'boil-and-bite' trays that provide a very poor fit to the teeth. Together with a very low concentration of whitening gel this procedure cannot provide any satisfactory results. Saliva leaks into these trays and further dilutes the already 'weak' whitening gel.


Solution: Take Your Own Impressions!
To get your own 'custom-fitted' whitening trays, we came up with the solution of a 'self- impression-taking' system. We provide you with everything you need 'in a box' to take your own impressions, send it to us and still get the same custom trays with whitening gel as in Option A.



  • Step-by-step instructions with DVD show you how to take your own impressions. All materials needed are inclusive and you then send these impressions to us in the bag provided. This will allow us to make a 'custom-fit' gel holding appliance called a whitening tray as in Option A.


  • You will receive your whitening trays and a complete kit with whitening gel and detailed instructions to start whitening your teeth straight away.


The Whitening Gel:
We use the same whitening gel as shown in ABC's Extreme Make-over program. In our experience, this gel, 'DayWhite' (9,5% Hydrogen Peroxide) provides superior whitening results.





For the best results, we recommend that you have an examination and a teeth-cleaning session 


before you start the whitening treatment.


R999 only (2024 prices)


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